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10171143_760390863980907_6779715986397295792_nWho I am

Valeria Cifalà: a 360 degrees artist, designer, graphic designer, fashion designer, painter and sculptor.
Born in Catania, following her parents footsteps, she starts painting in childhood.
Her talent was soon recognized, thanks to the predilection to create and test.
By this way, Valeria had the first collaborations and personal shows, in Sicily and in Milan after.
Not only the passion for interior and esterior design, but also graphic design, 3D animation and a kaleidoscope of projects and digital atmospheres.
Valeria attends training courses that accompanies with the work, never satisfied, of self-taught, in a continuous upgrade path that makes her not only an all-round artist, but even a professional, bright and complete.


Create illustrations and logos Design media, online and offline for an integrated communication
Advice for the enhancement of the institutional image and product
Corporate image, house organs, reports, brochures and catalogs
Render, interior and exterior design
3D modeling and animation
Video editing, video clips and short
Design and construction of websites
Painting, construction of paintings and / or murals on request
Calligraphic works

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Mobile: +39-328-1873237